How to establish how many 'Clicks' and how many 'Turns' your sight has is actually pretty simple.  There are only two reasons you would ever need to know this:

1)  You are using the calculation method 'Two Sight Marks'

2)  You want to use a sight scale card rather than a sight tape.

If you arent using the program for either of the two options listed above it doesn't matter what is selected on this form.

To establish 'Clicks' simply turn the elevation knob (the one that makes your pin go up and down, not in and out).  How many clicks were there in one complete turn?  This is how many 'Clicks' your sight is.

To establish turns the easiest method is to measure with a very accurate ruler (machinist ruler works good) exactly one inch on your scale and calculate how many divisions there are in your factory scale in that inch.  Example:  Measure from 10 on your factory scale one inch.  The one inch reading is 34 on your factory scale.  Subtract your starting point of 10 from the ending point 34.  This Scale is a 24 Turn scale.