One of the more common questions i get:

My sight (insert your mfg here) doesn't have a factory scale, can I still use two sight marks to get a tape and a speed?

To create a sight tape with two sight marks and no factory scale do the following:

1)  Select a scale on the sight form then click print scale. (It doesn't matter which scale)





2)  Cut this out and attach to your sight.

3)  Shoot a mark at your near sight setting found in the menu under 'Options' Near Sight Mark

4)  Shoot a long range mark

5)  Enter these into TAP PRO on the Calculation form under 'Two Sight Marks'

6)  On the sight form make sure the scale is set to the same as what you printed

7)  Enter your peep to pin and peep to arrow

8)  If you are using a non-linear sight make sure to also enter the sight if listed, or the front and back measures.

9)  Enter your bow and arrow information and print your sight tape!

10)  Go shoot your bow.