This is a relatively high end feature that will make your experience with TAP PRO that much more enjoyable.  What we are going to do here is add your bow into the database taking into account YOUR ACTUAL performance so that any change you want to experiement with TAP will account for with 100% accuracy!  Lets begin.

Step 1)  You will need a speed for your bow.  Use a known good chronograph, or you can use the speed TAP PRO provides from 'Two Marks'.

Step 2)  Put the program in to the 'Calculate Everything' mode.

Step 3)  In the menu under 'Utilities' select 'Edit Database'

Step 4)  Select the 'Bow Form'

Step 5)  Select 'My Bows' in the selection list

Step 6)  Select 'Edit Database'

Step 7)  Check 'Use My Specs'

Step 8)  Enter the following:  Your Arrow Weight, Your Draw Length, and your Draw Weight.  IMPORTANT****  MEASURE THESE!!!!  Guessing is BAD.

Step 9)  Leave the MFG 'My Bows'  Change the Model, Limb and Cam to whatever you want.

Step 10)  Enter Brace Height, Your Speed and Axle Length.

Step 11)  Click the 'Disk Icon' to save this record and calculate the BPF.

O.K.  So why did we do this?

This is actually the preffered method for using TAP PRO.  Once this information has been entered in the database with your known good specs....ANY change you want to make to that bows setup TAP PRO will account for with 100% accuracy....!!!!!


You enter your bows specs into the database while using your indoor setup for spots.  You shoot all winter this way, and a 3D tourny pops up with little notice (sound familiar?)  EASY!  Run your new arrow etc into TAP with the 'Calculate Everything' selected and your bow selected from 'My Bows'.  Print the tape and go shoot!  Everything it calculates in this mode will be 100% right on!!!

Enjoy this feature!