If your sight Tape seems off let's explore some possibilities.  First of all I can't stress enough the importance of actually MEASURING each and every variable that TAP asks for.  As little as an 1/8th inch off on a few of these variables is the formula for disaster for a sight Tape!

  • If you are using 'Single Speed' or 'Two Speeds' it is QUITE possible that the chrono is just plain off...you might need to try another method to check the calculated speed against the chrono.
  • If you are using 'Calculate Everything' pay attention to details here!  You CANNOT use the module position setting as a Draw length.....you CANNOT use the Limb sticker poundage as gospel....get the drift?  MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE!  For your draw length pay ATTENTION to the 'Pop-Up' pictures when you click in the 'Draw Length' box.  TAP uses the AMO or ATA standard draw length method.  All I can stress is MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE!!!!
  • If you are using 'Two Sight Marks'  Try using a longer close range mark.  This is done by clicking under 'Options' then 'Near Sight Mark' and selecting 20-30-40 as your close range mark.  I prefer at least 30.  you can be off several clicks at 20 and call it good!!!  The next most common mistake is the wrong scale setting.  If you are not sure verify your scale..See the tips and tricks article on Click and Turns...

Aside from those common bloopers there is one more thing that you NEED to consider....Look at your current Tape or Pin gapping.  Do they progressively get larger from setting to setting...(is the gap from 30-40 larger than the previous 10 yard gap....etc??)  If they aren't then you might be adjusting your anchor as you gain yardage due a poorly setup peep.  Your peep should be set and adjusted for the middle to 60% of your maximum expected shooting distance.  TAP PRO expects that you will maintain a consistent anchor.