To register TAP PRO and TAPes you will recieve an email with your Username, Password and Serial Number.  Enter this into the program and click Register.  If you recieve any errors there are a few things you must try:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Check for accuracy in what you entered for the Username, Password and Serial.  They need to be EXACT
  3. When the above things are checked then make sure that any Malware and Anti-Virus software are turned off
  4. Make sure you are running these programs as Administrator.  To do this you MUST find C:/Program Files/The Archery Program and RIGHT click the program in that folder and select 'Run as Administrator'

Some Common Error Messages:

"Server is Busy please try again in one minute" Hold down 'Control' and 'Shift' when you run the program.  This puts you in Adminstrator mode. Or see # 4 find the program executable and right click 'run as administrator'

"User not Found"

Check your username, password and serial for accuracy.  The most common problem when you copy and paste is taking an extra space along and not noticing it.  This will make the registration fail.  When in doubt type it in manually EXACTLY as it is emailed to you.

"Program already registered"

All TAP programs are single seat.  If you registered the program at work, then tried at home it will fail.  Simply click Help/Registration Infortmation at work and click 'Unregister'.  Now you can register the program on another computer.

Link for teamviewer download