TAP PRO has a one year grace period from the purchase date for the original purchaser to recieve program and database updates.  TAPes does not have any upgrade procedure.  The upgrade cost for TAP PRO is $20.00 after redeeming your upgrade coupon.  There is no time limit on when you can upgrade.  Once a TAP customer ALWAYS a TAP customer.  If you did not receive your upgrade coupon please use the contact form below to request one.

If you have any version of TAP previous to TAP PRO you will need to purchase TAP PRO with your upgrade coupon to recieve the discount.  Then you will uninstall the old program, download and install TAP PRO, Register and check for updates.  This will ensure that you have the latest and greatest program updates as well as database updates.  If you click help/about and your program version is the 5.x.x range then you have the old version of TAP.  If it says that your version is 1.2.x.x then you have TAP PRO.

If you have TAP PRO version 1.2.x.x you will need to purchase the upgrade with your coupon code.  Then uninstall your current version.  Download and install the new version  This should be last time you ever need to uninstall the program to upgrade.  This version has the ability actually update itself as well as the programs data.  Enter your new registration information and check for updates.