TAP got its roots in 1995 after getting back into Archery after about an 7 year break.  I cut the end of my release hand index finger off and had it reattached in 1988.  Being a finger shooter since the age of 5 (19 at the time this happened) I had a very tough time getting used to a release.  In 1988 they weren't quite what we have today.....I can remember sending SEVERAL arrows into the next county because remember we were ALL 30" draw and 70 pounds back then!  devil  (Can you say Over Bowed?!)

Lets make a long story even longer!  In 1995 I reunited with an old friend who was still in the Archery Game.  He convinced me times and products had changed in that 7 years and it would be fun again.....boy was he right!  (Only name I will ever drop...Thanks Steve Weigert! wink)

I purchased a Hoyt Deviator (30" 70 pounds! frown)  Archery Shops still were doing this.  I got some mods for the cams the 70 pounds was fine.  This thing was insane fast in 1996!  @ 28.5" draw 70 pounds shooting Easton xx78 2413's......305 f/s!!!  That bow was fast.  That fall I shot a nice little 8 pointer at 57 yards quartering away and it was a complete pass-thru!  I could smell the blood trail and he only went about 20 yards.

O.K. Back to History.  The spring of 1996 I was convinced to shoot competitively again.  In the mid 80's i was pretty good at the club shoots so I thought 'What the Heck!'  Now we had actual cool looking 3D targets!!!!  Not Styrofoam silhouettes!  After shooting a few shoots I ran across someone whom had a computer program for printing site tapes.  He ran me a quick tape that day for a shoot I was not prepared for.  I struggled all day...I was definitely a victim of the ole' 'Garbage in = Garbage out' theory.  I contacted the MFG of that software to see if there was demo to try and explained my recent experience.  There wasn't a Demo so I began my journey into the Study of Exterior Ballistics!

Now the actual History Part!  smiley  It all began with Microsoft Excel.  I actually wrote all the original formulas right in excel to see if it would work....then it came time for a sight tape!  Excel gave me the sight tape spacing and I could then draw a tape from that.  This worked AWESOME!  The first original TAP Algorithm is mostly the same today as it was in that original Excel spreadsheet!  The following year I added a very complex Drag equation and to this day that final formula is what drives TAP!  If you made a tape in 1998 and a tape today...they should match! 

In 1998 I started teaching myself Visual Basic to port the Excel File to an actual installable running program.  Within about 6 months I had my first running program that you could install on your computer.  At the time there weren't things like 'Archery Talk' or other forums like this.  We had what were called 'Bulletin Boards' named things like 'Alt-Binary-Archery' and things like that.  They were strictly a text based message posting board.  Discussions took place and people argued much like we do today!  THAT hasn't changed.  I began plugging my new software and found a few victims to try it on....the feedback I got was fabulous and was basically told/asked to get this on market as soon as possible.

So that brings us to early 1999.  I created the first website and began selling TAP on CD.  Downloading the file with Dial up was just not in the cards.  The original program was called 'The Archery Program' and was a tabular design with the ability to view data and print your Sight Tape.  This remained unchanged from 1999 to about late 2000 when I re-wrote TAP to a MDI Child form design where you could view individual windows at the same time.  With this launch I also added Uphill/Downhill Shots, Virtual Targets, Spine Matching and actual databases.  This program lasted all the way to 2009!  In early 2003 I wrote TAP Mobile and had my first portable app that ran on the Pocket PC Platform.  This progressed right along with TAP until 2009 running on the then popular Windows Mobile 6.5.

In 2004 a was contacted by a large outdoor products company and asked consult with them on some new products they were going to launch.  I was chosen because behind the scenes they had purchased all three ballistic programs that pertained to archery and mine was chosen as the most accurate of the lot.  They used a very high tech Military Test Range and compared what the software said would happen and compared with what actually happened on the range.  I know they tested many variables such as point in space and velocity in space and concluded TAP has the most accurate algorithm.  This was awesome news and the only real time I got to brag about TAP!  wink  This led to some products that we all count on today while in the field either shooting competitively or hunting.

In 2009 I re-wrote TAP again to what you see today.  The behind the scenes formulas remain unchanged since they were launched and it is used by some of the best in the industry!  I am proud to say that, and thank each and every one of them that I know personally. 

Just recently I added some additional functionality to the program.  The latest big addition is the 'DPF' or Depth Penetration Factor'  This variable conclusively tells the archery which arrow will penetrate the best from their bow.  This along with the 'BPF' Bow Performance Factor set TAP apart as the most comprehensive unique software to aid ANY archer in making sound decisions for hunting or competitive archery and hunting!

Thank you ALL TAP customers for keeping TAP around for over 15 years!  When you think about it....that is a REALLY LONG TIME for a software package to survive!  wink



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I can usually answer emails throughout the day as time permits.  Worst case scenario would be that night.  I am in the USA and the Central Time Zone. 

If we can't get the issue resolved via email I will make arrangments for either a phone conference or we can use 'TeamViewer' for remote assistance. 

Please keep in mind that I am a one man shop with a full time Engineering job through the day and two very energetic boys whom are 13 and 16!  SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!

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