2015-04-11, 12:02
I have been using TAPS for about 6 months now and I have to say it is you of the most use full tools I have ever found. I have used it to set up 2 hunting rigs for myself and my son, and 3 competition rigs for my wife, son and myself. Every time the calculations are dead on. Anyone from the casual hunter to a full on competition shooter can benefit from this
2014-11-03, 18:17
Had a problem with this download but my email was answered, solutions were implemented and everything is great. I would get this if you need it, great tool to have. Thank you TAP!
2014-07-01, 08:23
Waoww TAP is so rapid to solve problems !!!
And now I have a fine soft working perfectly ! Many thanks
2014-07-01, 06:22
Unable to download software up to completion. Retried...and passed 5 downloads....without software downloaded.
2014-03-25, 13:43
Wong Wai wah
2013-12-23, 10:41
Caution! Unable to download the software by the link. always show "Invalid Token". Refreshing didn't solve the problem, but still add download count. Any solution?
Robert C Martin - Stoughton WI
2013-10-08, 10:07
I'm relative new to archery. Shoot a Sure-Loc sight with a Spot Hogg Scope. After making several adjustments and then having to resight my bow everytime I started looking for a program to make that process easier and more accurate. FOUND IT! Love this program - thanks!!
Petrus van Breda
2014-03-22, 14:21
Again your support was great when I changed laptops. Secondly we are close to Nationals and I have anew bow and was in need of an accurate site tape. Your program TAPes did the job great. And don't forget one can have it in meters or yards.Depending on your needs.
2016-05-25, 00:28
Any chance Tap Pro or Tapes on iOS for iPad Pro please?
Jose Luis
2015-05-01, 05:20
Hi, simple questions, TAP pro and TAPes are two different apps?
Is TAPes included in TAPpro?
2013-12-30, 23:49
In the product descriptions list that these DO NOT work with MAC instead of in the FAQ sections. Most reputable programs now support MAC, this one doesn't and cost me 15$