1) What operating system will 'The Archery Program' products run on?

TAP PRO, TAPes and Spinal TAP will all run in the Windows environment from Windows XP SP1 to the present Windows 10.

2) Will TAP PRO run on a Mac?

None of the TAP products will natively run on a Mac.  What does this mean?  It means that with a Mac you have two options to make it work.  #1) You install a Windows Emulator like 'Parallels' or similar.  Then you install Windows to this emulator and install any made for Windows software that you like.  This will allow you to run the Mac and Windows at the same time and enjoy everything both operating systems have to offer.  #2) If you have an Intel based Mac you can actually Dual Boot the computer to Windows.  What this means is that you install Windows right to your hard drive in a dual boot configuration.  When you turn your computer on you will have the option to either run Windows or Mac.  This method however puts you into a specific O/S and you can't switch from one the other quickly....it requires you to reboot to go from one to the other.

This is as much support as I will offer on this topic.  Mac users should research this before they purchase TAP.  I will no longer offer refunds for software you purchased in error.

3) Will TAP run on my I-Phone or Android device?

None of the TAP products are designed to run on portable devices.

4) What happend to TAP Mobile?

TAP Mobile is available on a case by case basis.  It will run in the following Windows Mobile environments:

  1. Pocket PC
  2. Pocket PC 2002
  3. Pocket PC 2003
  4. Windows Mobile 5
  5. Windows Mobile 6
  6. Windows Mobile 6.5

There are still many of these devices out there in the form of old phones and pocket PC's.  The price of TAP Mobile is $50.00 and I will only make it available to those whom have the proper devices.

5) How much do upgrades cost?

To upgrade TAP PRO it will cost $20.00.

6) If I don't upgrade does that disable the program?

No!  All TAP software will continue to run as long as the computer stays healthy and running.

7) How many computers can I use it on?

All TAP software is a single seat license.  This means you can run it on one computer at a time.  TAP PRO has the ability to unregister the software and reregister.  What this means is that you can install TAP PRO in several locations and simply unregister and reregister from computer to computer.

8) How far back in time do your databases go?

TAP PRO has data that goes back as far as 1997!  Most major manufactures have data for sure back to 2000.  The data gets updated every year.

9) How often do you update the program?

TAP PRO gets new data every year sometime between Decemeber and February.  This is a very time consuming process and it depends on when the manufactures either get me the data or it gets published.

The program itself only receieves updates as bugs are discovered or features are added.  At the writing of this article (July 23 2013) the current version of TAP PRO has been unchanged in any form since 2009.  Within the next month there will be a new version that adds some features that users have requested through the years.

10) Are you going to have an I-Phone or Android version?

I doubt that I will ever offer any mobile specific program again.  The time required to keep these up with the O/S versions is staggering.  If I offer anything at all it might be a web based program that can be used on ANY mobile platform provided you have an internet connection.  PLEASE do not ask when this is going to be available!  This is a VERY preliminary concept and will require a complete re-write of the current code to make this happen.